Clyde Peterson

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Hi, my name is Clyde and I have moved to Atlanta 15 years ago. I can say that my life all started in the city being an entrepreneur. My line of business is actually related to home improvement and renovation, which is why I decided to make a blog that is related to this craft. And I guess it’s a wrap. Caffeine and few bottles of beer always make everything easier and fun to handle.

Atlanta has been known to be one of the cities that embraces civilization and when it comes to housing, it has always been giving brighter blue skies for everyone. This is where housing isn’t considered a luxury. There’s always a spot for everyone. In this age of modernization where space, quality, culture, financial state in life and what-not give us the best options, we should be informed with some reliable tips and advancement. This blog aims to at least meet the half percentage of that realization.